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Welcome Master, Teachers, Students, and all support people,

This year, our club is hosting for the second time, an Official TKV Tournament. This is an International Tournament and open to all traditional Kung Fu Schools and Clubs.

This year there will be no Chin Woo European Championship as the World Chin Woo Championships are being held in the USA. If however enough people are interested, then a European Championship will be taking place sometime in 2017.

It is with that in mind that we are holding a special Sanda Full contact Fight Gala. We will be presenting all Class C fights as individual fights (unless there are 3 people in the category), as well as a choice of Newcomer final fights. All Starters and their support people from the day event, as well as parents the entrance to the Fight Gala is free.

New this year is the Full contact class for 14-15 year olds. ( there is already a class for 16-17 year olds). There are therefore no light contact class in these categories (only 6-7, 8-10, and 11-13).

We have rented 2 Sport halls directly next to each other, so we have more than enough room to hold both competitions. A problem that we do have is the number of helpers and Judges, so we are asking for the help of any Masters, Teachers, or qualified Students to help support our team of TKV Judges. This will help everything run smoothly and on time (firstly children and teenager form, then adult form with the Light contact fighting, then Newcomer fight and at the end the Fight Gala at 18:00).

We will also be laying on snacks and drinks for a reasonable price, so that Athletes and spectators will have a comfortable Atmosphere and be able to concentrate on the Tournament.

As a free overnight sleeping possibility, we can offer the use of one of the Tournament Halls or a sport hall near to the Chin Woo Schule. (please bring your own sleeping bags and iso mats etc.) Bochum has its own YMCA (Jugendherberge) near the city centre. If you wish to stay here you have to book this yourself.

DJH Bochum:

If you wish to stay in a hotel then we are more than welcome to help you with our choice.

As a TKV Tournament we will be following the rules and regulations fo the TKV Deutschland which can be found on the TKV homepage: .

To register for the competition please use the attached form and send it directly to . You only need to fill in as much info as is necessary for the start ( e.g. for forms there is no weight category) and the abbreviation for the category. Closing date is the 09 April 2016.

After the Tournament there will be a small closing party which we hope will be well attended, as it is often hard to get to know people during the Tournament due to lack of time.

We are looking forward to your visit and wish everybody an injury free and successful time here with us in Bochum.

With sporting regards,

Michael Streit